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Special Climate Systems

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Special Climate Systems

Contour AS has a broad experience in designing climate (cool/heat) systems for specific customer solutions. CAS systems are engineered in such a way that they provide direct value for our end users. Important aspects are: available mounting space, extreme condition and environmental conditions requirements (e.g. Overpresure/EMP) in which the system must be able to operate. Additionally customers often have specific functional requirements.

The available mounting space is an important aspect in designing cooling and climate systems for mobile applications. For example, Contour develops special Climate systems for fixed and mobile MOD applications. These units must meet special MOD/NATO requirements, and can be mounted in containers, data centers, laboratories, mobile hospitals or C4I-shelters.

Dimensions are not the only limiting factor to mobility. The external conditions in which the systems must be able to operate are an additional factor. The solutions developed by Contour AS can be deployed in extreme environmental condition; from the Arctic to the Equator. In addition, especially the systems intended for MOD purposes, must meet environmental requirements (shock, vibration and drop tests, camouflage, etc.).

Generally speaking, energy efficiency of cooling systems has become ever more important to our end users. Both economic and environmental advantages are achieved by focusing on energy efficiency. Additionally, requirements concerning modularity, extendibility, and redundancy have become increasingly important elements in final product specifications.