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Machine Casing

System Integrator for special housing solutions

Machine casing

Innclose joined the Contour Group in 2018 and is now fully integrated as a 6th (special housing) market. Innclose is specialized in Room in Room concepts for the Food-, Nuclear-, IT and other branches. For branding purpose, Innclose will operate for time being under its current name. Innclose works with machine builders to address challenging and innovative projects, and help manufacturers to work in a cleaner, safer and more efficient manner. Everyone has their own role within such projects; machine builders design and construct their machines, while Innclose designs tailor-made, functional and installation-friendly casings.

Casings can serve various purposes and functions within the machine building sector. For instance, noise insulation, hygienic protection, fire-resistance, machine safety or combinations of these factors. However, the machine casing will always play a role in improving working conditions, making the process more flexible and perfecting the end product. Inclose has built many machine casings over the years. This has always been done in close collaboration with our clients. This intensive approach allows us to develop tailor-made casings that not only meet the needs of end customers, but also those of machine builders. What do we look to achieve? The machine must be easy to access. This is necessary when maintaining the machine, cleaning it and replacing components.

Besides functional machine casings, Inclose also designs and produces thermal casings and test rooms suitable for temperatures from -70 C to +180 C and relative humidity of up to 98%. These extreme conditions mean thermal floors, walls, doors and ceilings used in Innclose test chambers or test spaces must be able to deal with major temperature fluctuations.