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Extra added value by partnership

Contour Advanced Systems (CAS) realizes that 'time to market & quality' is very important for its customers as being a part of their chain management. To be an added value partner in this, we achieve optimal solutions by intensively collaborating with these customers during the design, build and maintain phases.

With our competences we are able to overlook all disciplines and provide you with a product structure that helps to reduce your overall lead time, from sales to delivery. With this combination of competences under one roof (One Stop) we provide you with high end solutions against the optimal integral cost.

Partners are:

Anvil Industries: Under the name Anvil Industries, seven companies are combining their knowledge and experience in machining, welded assemblies and mechanical assembly. Each one is a specialist with many years experience and expertise, each company unique. Together they provide seamless complementary services in terms of operations, production volume, precision and scale. Anvil Industries takes everything out of your hands with a high delivery reliability. Top performance, time after time. Check: www.anvil-industries.nl 

Fifi4Marine is a provider of fire safety solutions for marine applications. With innovative products and services Fifi4Marine is dedicated to providing the best possible fire protection in the maritime domain. (www.fifi4marine.com) 

VisBlue new battery technology provides a safe and more environmentally friendly battery solution that enables you to better utilize the energy that your renewable energy sources produce. (www.visblue.com)