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Special Modules

One Stop - All specialisms under one roof.

Special Modules

Contour Advances Systems (CAS) is founded in 1905. Currently CAS operates in six markets: MOD/Security; ICT-Data; Intra Logistics; Energy; Equipment and Special housing.

CAS operates (inter-) national and is specialized in designing, building, testing and maintaining (ILS) technical quality products, systems and durable total solutions. For this, we have the modular knowledge of subtracting central under one roof, which we translate in one design.

CAS translate knowledge and innovation in the best solution for it’s customers by an integrated ‘plan-build-operate’ process. Different technical specialties under one roof makes CAS attractive for it’s customer as Chain Manager, due to its One Stop strategy.

CAS has all Quality Certificates required for it’s task (e.g. ISO 9001, ISO 14001 & AQAP 2110) and is familiar with environmental requirements.