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Test Cabinet Air-industry

System Integrator for special housing solutions

Hydraulic testing

Innclose joined the Contour Group in 2018 and is now fully integrated as a 6th (special housing) market. Innclose is specialized in Room in Room concepts for the Food-, Nuclear-, IT and other branches. For branding purpose, Innclose will operate for time being under its current name. 

Innclose designed and build a test cabinet that is used for hydraulic testing of the 'flap drivers' of an aircraft wing. In the test cabinet the tests can be done under extreme temperatures. Client was looking for a test cabinet with a fixed bottom and a tilting top segment with a temperature resistance from -60°C to +100°C.

The test cabinet had to be made of stainless steel, because of the special oil that is being used. Lead-throughs were required on various locations for the different shafts of the drive and the cooling and heating tubes. The client also wanted a sight glass in the front of the cabinet to provide a constant view on a safe progress of the test. The result was i.a.w. clients requirements and wishes. During the duration of the test cabinet is set-up below the complete aircraft wing and will be used to perform the endurance tests.