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Special housing

System Integrator for special housing solutions

Contour as added value partner

Innclose (www.inclose.com) joined the Contour Group in 2018 and is now fully integrated as a 6th (special housing) market. Innclose is specialized in Room in Room concepts for the Food-, Nuclear-, IT and other branches. For branding purpose, Innclose will operate for time being under its current name. The broad range of delivered products can be characterized by a combination of 'One Stop' competences, such as: Mechanical, Electrical, Energy, Special Climate, Security and Sheet Metal.

In addition, to engineer specials, environmental solutions are required, such as: NBC (over-pressure), EMC/EMP, Tempest, Shock & Vibrate, Dust and Ballistics. To compleet, CAS can act as a Supply Chain Manager, as required by most customers.

Quality Certifications: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, AQAP 2010, Health & Safety (NL-VCA), F-Gas and Technical certificates to support the CAS quality strategy. 

Additional Certification: CAS is assessed by HPE, Lockheed Martin and NL-MOD (ABDO)