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ICT - Data

System Integrator for Fixed, Mobile and Modular solutions

Contour AS, your added value partner

Contour Advanced System (CAS) was founded in 1905 from Klein Poelhuis and continued as an indepent company in 2012. The ICT-Data market offered CAS initially to grow in the Telecom Market by the build of GSM mast and antenna networks. In addition, CAS builds networks for the Police (C2000), for NATO (37 EU locations) for AWACS fly operations in Europe, for networks on-board ships and for fix and modular Data Centers (incl. container data centers). The broad range of delivered products can be characterized by a combination of 'One Stop' competences, such as: Mechanical, Electrical, Energy, Special Climate, Security and Sheet Metal.

In addition, to engineer specials, environmental solutions are required, such as: NBC (over-pressure), EMC/EMP, Tempest, Shock & Vibrate, Dust and Ballistics. To compleet, CAS can act as a Supply Chain Manager, as required by most customers.

Quality Certifications: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, AQAP 2010, Health & Safety (NL-VCA), F-Gas and Technical certificates to support the CAS quality strategy. 

Additional Certification: CAS is assessed by HPE, Lockheed Martin and NL-MOD (ABDO)