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Innovation project Accumulation

Supported by European Funding for Regional Deployment (EFRO)

Contour Advanced Systems (CAS), started with partners this pilot 'Accumulation Project' for assembly of free shape modular battery packs for the purpose of a growing market of special tailor made vehicles, in which the developed packs will be integrated. Within the project, there will be special attention to storage, re-use and fire safety capacity. In addition, anticipation on changing laws and regulations will be taken into account. For CAS, the main focus is on development of: 

  • Extinguishing method for battery packs;
  • Early warning systems for fire detection;
  • Container extinguish system for several applications.

Besides CAS, partners in this project are: DNV-GL Netherlands, Hencon Holding, Smart Commute, Technical University Twente, Van Raam and Safety Region Twente.

The Accumulation project will be subsidized by the European Funding for Regional Developmant (EFRO).