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Design - Build - Maintain

One Stop - All specialisms under one roof.

Design - Build - Maintain

Design is based on functional requirements for series based or one-off projects. Strength of Contour AS (CAS) is, that our engineers think from the heart of the system. For this, we have all subcontractor knowledge (modules) under one roof, such as: Elec, Mechanical, Climate, Cabling, etc. In addition the engineers are familiar with special requirements (environmental's), such as NBC, EMP, Ballistics, Dust, etc. All this in house knowledge is needed to design and build innovative quality products/systems on time. Relevant technical norms, legislation, safety requirements (CE), ergonomics, hygiene and customer requirements are taken into account in the final product design.

Build, CAS is continually improving its production process by focusing on reducing lead time, improving delivery reliability, improving process- and product quality and increasing flexibility. This way, CAS is able to dynamically increase and decrease volumes from prototype one-off products, to series based production. CAS can assemble both mechanical and electro-mechanical systems. Additionally it can perform the complete assembly of modules, devices and projects. CAS has special physical areas for various types of assembly jobs, there are locations for: Production of full system assemblies; White room for electrical, 19-inch and cabling solutions; Sheet metal production and CNC production for machine and hydraulic parts. Also, CAS employees will work on customer locations when required. 

Maintain, CAS can deliver various maintenance plans and categories, often part of a broader product life cycle plan, or an ILS program. Maintenance categories are:

  • Proactive maintenance: Preventive planned maintenance in order to prevent unplanned downtime.
  • Reactive / Corrective maintenance: after a malfunction or defect.
  • Additive maintenance: Tactical / Strategical maintenance.
    • Preventive: In order to improve quality.
    • Adaptive: Maintenance plans depending on applying environmental conditions.

Integraded Logistic Services (ILS) is a competence which CAS applies in various ways for its customers; depending on the market segment for which the product is intended.