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POLLAB and SOB Containers for the Dutch Airforce


POLLAB and SOB Containers for the Dutch Airforce

Contour Advanced Systems from Varsseveld delivered 26 ATEX certified mobile laboratories to the Royal Netherlands Air Force last week. These specially conditioned containers are for the control of jet-fuel and the storage of chemicals in mission areas. The containers are special because they offer a safe and reliable environment under all circumstances.

Kerosene and other chemicals should be checked daily to ensure their quality. High concentrations of water or pollution can be disastrous during flights. Due to the extreme temperatures in mission areas, the containers are equipped with a special climate system that keeps the user and substances at a safe and stable temperature. The inside of the container is also constantly measured whether hazardous substances are released or leaked.


The units have been developed in two variations. The ten so-called Petrol, Oil, Lubricant Laboratories (POLLABs) purchased by the Materials Logistics Command are currently being delivered. In addition, sixteen Container Storage Business Resources (COBs) were also purchased. These specialized containers are similar to POLLABs, but are only intended for the storage of chemical agents in a mission area. These resources are used in aircraft maintenance. In this case too, a stable ambient temperature is essential. Otherwise, the composition of a particular chemical may change.

Check Link (article in Dutch): https://magazines.defensie.nl/defensiekrant/2021/09/03_containers-luchtmacht_09